Games. For everyone.
Lionmoon is a developer and publisher of fun, free and delightful web games made for everyone
and accesible anytime anywhere in the world. Founded by industry veterans Irina Romanova
and Jose Portoles in 2012 in the beautiful town of Bad Schoenborn, 15 minutes
away by train from the city of Heidelberg, we strive every day
to deliver games created out of true passion and love.
Pixels are better online
Thousands of people meet every day thanks to online games. Every guild, every alliance, every foe... We believe the worlds online games spawn are just incredible, and something everyone should experience.
Modern technologies
We live in amazing times. Instant access to worldwide information, phones that have more computing power than most desktop computers 5 years ago... and yet so much of what we daily use seems stuck in the past. We feel it is time for a change.
Free to play is not pay to win
We believe free to play can be done right, fair, and without compromising on quality or gameplay experience, by putting the game and the player first. It is our goal to stay true to this from day one.